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Training Future Fire Managers: Innovative Partnership Expands Job Corps Impact

Training Future Fire Managers: Innovative Partnership Expands Job Corps Impact

The Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) program and the Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers (JCCCC) have formed an innovative partnership to expand the influence of the Job Corps program in filling future fire  management positions in the Forest Service. At the beginning of fiscal year (FY) 2013, this partnership phased in a new fire program to establish and/or formalize type 2 wildland fire crew and camp crew programs at each of our 28 JCCCCs over the next 5 years.

Upon successful completion of the JCCCC Fire Program requirements, Job Corps students will have the opportunity to compete for permanent or seasonal appointments or be hired under the Public Lands Corps authority. Students may be recruited as apprentices for the Wildland Fire Apprentice Program, which will be one of the training programs for new firefighter hires to better meet the demands for a professional, highly skilled, and diverse wildland fire management workforce.

A number of JCCCCs have provided fire and camp crew support for many years, thanks to grassroots efforts at the local forest and center level. In 2012, 18 of the 28 JCCCCs trained and certified more than 750 students as firefighters, camp crew members, and administrative support staff. These students responded to approximately 100 wildfire incidents and also provided hurricane and storm recovery support. The partnership between FAM and the JCCCCs will provide support for centers with existing fire programs and establish new programs on the remaining centers.

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Source: USDA Forest Service Fire Management Today

Volume 73, No. 2




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