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Start Online Now. Train on Campus Later.

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Job Corps has developed a series of messages and materials to communicate the details of virtual enrollment to prospective students and other target audiences. The following messages explain the benefits of virtual enrollment, how it works, and how students may be most successful in an online learning environment.

Start online now. Train on campus later.
Job Corps is now offering virtual enrollment (think Job Corps … just online!!) so you can get started on your free career training from anywhere and with greater flexibility.

The faster way to a brighter future.
Don’t settle for a dead-end job to make ends meet. Turn to Job Corps, where you can start your orientation and career preparation classes online.

Start learning from anywhere.
While you wait to arrive on campus, you can start orientation and career preparation courses from wherever you are. That way, you can dive right into hands-on training when you join us on campus.

Marketing and communications tactics 

  • Updated FAQs on the Job Corps website and COVID webpage
    now address questions regarding virtual enrollment. 
  • The Job Corps website has been updated to include information about virtual enrollment.
  • Digital ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now highlight virtual enrollment opportunities and the benefits it offers students who need flexible options. 
  • Social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now regularly share content about virtual enrollment and where students can learn more about
    their online options with Job Corps.
  • Digital advertisements and social media posts direct users to the Virtual Enrollment webpage, which serves as a centralized source for all information
    regarding virtual enrollment. 
  • Text and e-mail campaigns targeted at potential students include messages about virtual enrollment, answer questions about the program, and direct prospects to resources where they can obtain additional information. 
  • Virtual enrollment materials, including two new fliers (one for a general prospective student audience and the other for female prospective students) and a postcard, have been added to the Materials Marketplace and explain the benefits of virtual enrollment and what students can expect to learn online in their first 60 days.
  • Additionally, resources related to virtual enrollment will be discussed in upcoming staff trainings, so be on the lookout for sessions. 
  • Stakeholder communications include direct mail, e-mail campaigns, and landing pages that address virtual enrollment, its benefits, and what students
    can expect in an online learning program. 

If you have questions about any of the resources or need additional support, please reach out to MP&F Strategic Communications at jobcorpsmaterials@mpf.com.

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