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Dept. of Education’s Talent Search Program Posted Feb 08, 2016 By NJCA Webmaster

The U.S. Department of Education is accepting applications for its Talent Search Program.  The program is designed to identify qualified individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds with

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Statement from Lonnie P. Taylor on President Obama’s SOTU Posted Jan 13, 2016 By NJCA Webmaster

“President Obama clearly outlined his vision and priorities for the country in his final State of the Union Address. Closing the income inequality gap is

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Funding Bill Passed by Congress Posted Dec 18, 2015 By NJCA Webmaster

On Friday, December 18 Congress approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill with a pair of overwhelming bipartisan votes, capping a frenzied final few weeks of

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Job Corps: Focus on Job Readiness, Closing the Skill Gap Posted Dec 17, 2015 By NJCA Webmaster

The U.S. economy got good news again last week with the release of the November jobs report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the U.S.

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